~ Disillusionment

Essential Point:

As long as you Believe in Illusions there must be Disillusionment. The end of Disillusionment is the marking of the Enlightened State.


Disillusionment is the necessary stage on the Awakening Journey through which all of your Beliefs are revealed to be untrue, or False, so that they collapse in on themselves. In other words, that which has promised to Fulfill, complete, satisfy, or make you Happy in some way ultimately did not. And now you are left in despair, confusion, frustration, and “disbelief.” Through Disillusionment, all of the “Illusions” of Reality are revealed and ultimately shed, which is the Essence of the Awakening Journey.

Early in the Awakening Journey, when you are still relatively Unconscious and asleep, you will think that you simply had the wrong Beliefs. You tend to think that if you had better Beliefs then you would have been Happy and complete. So you work tirelessly to Form new habits and condition new Beliefs, only for them to ultimately result in further Disillusionment, which yields further confusion and Suffering.

Ultimately, after enough Disillusionment, which typically corresponds with an Identity Crisis, the weight of the Egoic Mind becomes so heavy from all of the Conditioning that it collapses in on itself. Often this is experienced as what is referred to as “The Dark Night of the Soul”, and while typically frightening, destabilizing, and deeply uncomfortable, it ultimately leads to the profound transmutation of your Suffering into Peace.

Through enough repeated Disillusionment you eventually Realize that the issue was never the nature or type of Belief, but the having of Beliefs itself. You Realize that the fundamental issue was that you believed something to be Real when it was not. In this sense, you Realize that the cause of all your Suffering and Disillusionment was a result of mistakenly giving Life to Illusion.

It is not uncommon to spend many years, decades, or Life times going through constant Disillusionment until you ultimately learn the lesson that Disillusionment won’t end until Illusion ends. The Buddha famously asserts that he had to live over 99,000 lives before reaching Enlightenment. The point is – as long as Illusion remains so must Disillusionment, which is to say as long as Illusion remains there is more veil to be lifted and more Truth to be revealed.

As the Awakening Journey is ultimately the Transcendence, or shedding of all Illusion, Disillusionment is seen as a necessary part of the Awakening Process. Without the crushing disappointment and Suffering that results from our Beliefs proving to be untrue, the Dream would remain a Dream and not turn into the ultimate Nightmare that we want to wake up from.

In this sense, if you find yourself in a seemingly never-ending state of repeated Disillusionment, lean into the disappointment and confusion and examine the structure that enlivens your beliefs. If you are ready, it may just be what catalyzes the Awakening Consciousness.


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