~ Dissolving the Ego

Essential Point:

The Ego-Dissolved State is the Essence of the Enlightened State, in which you have been fully Liberated from the Conditioned Mind.


Something that Dissolves must break down so that it disappears through merging with whatever it is being dissolved into. In the context of the Ego, which is a making of the Human Mind, the structure dissolves so that its Form merges back into the Formlessness of the Universal Mind. The Ego dissolves back into Being so that it becomes Being and only Being remains. At this point, the Conditioned Mind dissolves to merge with the Unconditioned Mind, which is beyond dissolvement and it’s what’s dissolved into. This is the State of No-Mind, or Pure Being itself.

Ultimately all Illusions, including the Grand Illusion of the Ego, dissolve back into the Unconditioned Mind so that their Forms are transmuted into Formlessness. Like a glacier dissolving back into the ocean, the dissolvement of the Ego dissolving back into the Unconditioned Mind is often a very gradual process that can span over many Lifetimes. It is rumored that it took the Buddha over 99,000 Incarnations to fully dissolve his Ego.

The deeper you lean into Awakening and the more Conscious you become, the more you Transcend the cage of the Conditioned Mind and dissolve the illusory sense of self that is made through it. In this sense, the Dissolvement of the Ego becomes the nonlinear process of Transmuting the Ego into Pure Consciousness, Into Unconditioned Mind. And when the Ego is fully dissolved, you are fully Conscious and fully Unconditioned so that “you” exist no more.

It is possible to Believe you have fully dissolved the Ego when in fact you have not. The Ego is a master at trickery and can easily fool you into believing you are Free of it just so it can control you once more. It is common to believe you are Spiritually Enlightened when in Truth you simply have a Spiritual Ego, because still carry Spiritual Beliefs, which exists on the Level of Mind. It is important to remain vigilant and alert throughout the Awakening Journey so that you can catch the Ego before it creeps in to steal your Consciousness once more.

Like the glacier, you do not know how much of the Ego remains dormant underneath the surface. The Ego Development Stage of the average Human is significant, and the conditionings run deep. It is best practice while here in Human Form to remain in the ongoing state of humble Awareness that the Ego may be lurking in the depths of your Subconscious Mind. It is unadvisable to claim or think that you have fully dissolved your Ego, or that you are fully awakened, for then you never will be, as such a claim is inherently of the Ego.

The most assured way to fully dissolve the Ego and to Know it is dissolved is to be Here and Now – fully Present and Aware of this moment, Aware of Awareness. To live from the Seat of Consciousness so that none of the Consciousness gets trapped up in the Mind. As long as you do this, just for Now, the Ego cannot arise and you will stay True.


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