~ Divine

Essential Point:

All that is Real is Divine and all that you think is Real is not Divine.


That which is Divine is that which is Real. And what is Real is what is, not what you think what is. In this sense, the Divine is a reference to all that is, as everything is ultimately comprised of the Indwelling Divinity that enables it to be.

The Divinity is the Essence of Existence. The Indwelling Divinity is of One, but it is expressed in the many. This is to say, there are many Forms of Divinity, but the Source of Divinity itself is of the One Formlessness.

Only that which is not Real is not Divine. In this sense, everything you think is Divine is not, for Divinity is not of the Mind, but beyond it. Divinity does not come from the Human, but from the Being. It is of Transcendent origin and is expressed through the Worldly Vehicles of Form.

Divinity comes from Source itself and flows through the various Dimensions of Existence to ultimately Manifest in Form on the Physical Plane. While that which is on the Physical Plane may appear Separate, disconnected, and unique from one another, everything ultimately stems from the same Home of Divinity, making all Life One Interconnected and Inseparable Ecosystem.

The Awakening Journey is one in which you transition from seeing the Divinity in Nothing to seeing it in everything, which includes Nothing. You Know that everything in Existence is of Divine origin and carries this Divinity within it. This Knowingness unifies all Life forms and serves to catalyze the undoubtable Realization of the Nondualistic Nature of Reality.

In many ways, the Awakening Journey can be Interpreted as a process of Remembering your own Divinity. In the fully Unawakened, or Egoic State, in which you only know yourself through the limits of Mind, you are fully disconnected from the Divine so that there is no Remembrance. On the other hand, in the fully Awakened state, in which the Mind has been transcended and the Ego Dissolved, you are completely connected with the Divine and Know yourself to be of Divine Nature, so that there is Full Remembrance. In this state, you have fully Transcended your Humanness through the total and complete Realization of your Beingness.


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