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Essential Point:

Ego-Death is to “Die Before You Die.” It is the Dissolvement of the fictitious self made in the Mind that causes your Insanity and Suffering. Ego-Death refers to the fundamental shift in Consciousness out of the Ego and is the Essence of what it means to be “reborn.”


Ego-Death refers to the death of the phantom  self of the Mind known as the Ego, that results from the Identification with Form. The Ego-Death is the process of dying before you die so that you can live while you are Alive in this Incarnation.

The Ego refers to the illusion of a self that Believes it is Separate from the whole, and when it “dies,” the illusion of Separation dies with it, leaving unity and wholeness of the one true self in its place. It is worth reinforcing that the Ego-Death it’s not Death that occurs on the level of Body but that which occurs on the level of Mind, which is facilitated through the shift, or ascension, of consciousness.

Full Ego-Death can also be referred to as Self-Realization, Liberation from the Mind, the End of illusion, and Enlightenment itself, as only pure Consciousness remains after the true and complete Death of the Ego. It is important to reemphasize that full Ego-Death is to the Awakened state as partial Ego-Death is to the Awakening state. In the most true sense, the end of the Awakening-Journey is when the Ego has been fully dissolved, until that point some degree of Ego residue must remain.

Some Spiritual teachers suggest that it is not possible to fully dissolve the Ego so long as you embody some Form, but intuitively it makes sense that the Ego’s total dissolvement would the way to Escape from Form. More specifically, Ego Dissolve as the essence of Enlightenment is the path to escape the Reincarnation cycle of life. In this sense, the dissolve of the Ego is the foundational requirement of accessing Nirvana, Moksha, and or The Kingdom of Heaven, which are just words that point to the Pure Consciousness that is Realized through total and complete Ego-Death.

It’s important to remember that Ego-Death does not mean that the Body, Mind, or other types of Form disappear when the Ego dies, but simply that the Interpretation of these forms evolve so that you no longer derive your Essential identity through them. The Attachment that was there before dissolves with the influx of Consciousness so forms that previously created Ego are now simply forms.

As such, with Ego-Death, you still Have a Body but the meaning of the Body evolves beyond Egoic interpretation. You still Have a Mind, but the meaning of the Mind evolves beyond Egoic interpretation. You still Perceive the World, but the interpretation of such Perception evolves beyond Egoic interpretation so that there no longer is any interpretation as the Mind has been transcended.

Thus, true Ego-Death is the end of all illusions, not the end of the things that were the objects of these illusions. In this sense, of course it is possible to fully dissolve your Ego, as it simply refers to the complete disidentification from Form and reidentification with the Pure Consciousness enabling these forms. The Forms still exist, but they no longer contribute to your sense of self as you know that they are simply vehicles through which Consciousness is Being expressed.


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