~ Ego-Inflation

Essential Point:

The Ballooning of your Ego Density through the reinforcement of your Identification with the Mind and World of Form.


Ego-Inflation refers to the process of strengthening your Ego by reinforcing or solidifying your Identification with Form. In other words, the weight of the Mind, which you see as yourself, gets heavier. The density of personality gets thicker. Put another way, Ego-Inflation can be described as going into a deeper sleep, deeper into the Dream, and therefore deeper into Unconsciousness. Through Ego-Inflation, the individual and collective Ego Balloon grows bigger, which increases the amount of pain and Suffering experienced.

Ego-Inflation has been accelerating since the founding of the United States, which declared Happiness as an individual right and external pursuit. And more recently, the tagging of “The American Dream” coupled with the advent of technology has further accelerated Ego-Inflation and intensified Suffering- to the point that we are finally starting to see a growing number individual Ego Balloons pop, which is to say, a growing number of people are beginning to Awaken from the Dream because they are increasingly turning into nightmares.


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