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Essential Point:

The Ego is an illusion of self made in your Mind that causes all psychological Suffering. Transcendence of the Conditioned Mind through Self-Realization Dissolves the Ego, which is the cure to Suffering and the Essence of the Awakening-Journey.


The Ego can be described in many ways and it has many faces, but perhaps is most purely understood as the fictitious, Mind-made sense of self that results from one’s Identification with Form, which is inclusive of Thought and Feeling.

Because all Form is inherently impermanent and thus unstable, the Ego, which is derived through one’s attachments to such Form, is also intrinsically unstable and therefore in need of constant protection and enhancement. This is why the Ego is never content and or at Peace with what is – it must strive for and achieve more in order to continue to survive. It must constantly be fed with an insatiable stomach.

This is also why anyone operating under the Egoic Mind structure is subject to inevitable Suffering, as the Manifestations of Form that they consider themselves to be – one’s job, money, possessions, Relationships, titles, status, reputation, Thoughts, Feelings, etc. – are impermanent and must eventually dissolve. Thus, the Belief in the Egoic self yields a never ending drama cycle of fear and greed, which creates an understandably Stressful and dissatisfying burden to carry throughout Life.

It is an error in Perception to believe the essence of who you are is of Form. You cannot be something that exists in one moment and then disappears in the next. This is why the Ego is Insane, and to live as the Ego is Insane. The Ego is often referred to as the “Mind-made” self because it is a creation of your Mind that only exists in your Mind and nowhere else.

And just because the majority of others live with their own Ego, their own Mind-made self, does not mean that it is Real, normal, or sane. All that it really means is that the majority of the World is living Insanely.


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