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Essential Point:

Enlightenment is the process of shedding all illusion until nothing is left but the Light itself.

It is your most natural and Essential State of Being, which is accessed through Realization of the One Being.


The Enlightened, or Awakened State, refers to the Essential Realization in and through which one Knows themselves to be Pure Consciousness, or Pure Awareness.

One is Enlightened, or fully Awake, when all illusions have been Transcended so that Perception is True, which means that one is experiencing the World without the Mind’s Interpretation. It is Innocent Perception, which is Unaltered Perception, which is, most simply, to have Perfect Vision so that you see the World as it is instead of how you are.

Enlightenment marks the highest Vibrational Frequency and state of Consciousness that a Human Being can be, as it is Pure Being itself. This state is sustainable as long as you continue to be fully in The Now, which is to say, as long as you don’t get pulled back into the Egoic Mind.

As such is the case, humans may unintentionally experience momentary glimpses of Enlightenment throughout their lives, and it produces Feelings of wonderous bliss and Peace. Very quickly, however, the Egoic Mind structure – that has not been Dissolved – pulls them back into Unconsciousness so that they forget who they are just as quickly as they remembered.

It is important to Know that Enlightenment is not a “Doing” – it cannot be achieved or externally acquired in some way. It is an Inner-Realization that comes to you from the stillness of the Unknown, as the Unknown, that you recognize yourself as through a fundamental shift in Consciousness.

The more you try to pursue Enlightenment as a goal to achieve, the further you are from Realizing it. Enlightenment is the effortless birthright and most natural state of the Human Being, and its Realization is your Homecoming. There is Nothing special about Enlightenment, and it is available to you in every moment. In fact, Knowing that it is not special in anyway is integral to its Realization.


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