~ Evolution of Consciousness

Essential Point:

A Circular Process of Cosmic Energy Descension and Ascension through which Consciousness comes into Form and then ultimately returns to Formlessness. The “Out” Breath of God followed by the “In” Breath.


The evolution of consciousness is more easily understood as the evolution of Life, for all Life is consciousness, simply expressed at varying frequencies.

As everything is of Consciousness, everything is of Life, or in other words – everything is Alive. Life has evolved quite drastically since its origin. Minerals evolved to shell organisms which evolved to plants which evolved to animals which evolved to subtypes of humans and ultimately into the increasingly Self-Aware humans that we are today. This evolution of consciousness has been in an ascension of Energy from very low, barely vibrating Energy to increasingly less dense, faster vibrating Energy forms.

Today, Human Beings are the most evolved, energetically and consciously advanced Life Form on the planet. It is why our species is the predominating species among the millions to billions of others that we are coexisting with.

Despite being the most consciously and energetically evolved species of expressed Life, we are experiencing vast differences of Levels of Consciousness intra-species. More specifically, the planet has experienced a net decrease in consciousness over the past several decades with the rise of the individual and collective Ego, a sense of self that is made through the Mind and not based in Reality. This dip in consciousness was necessary, however, to continue to evolve our species to the next level in consciousness, which is where we are today.

At this moment, we sit in what is called 3D consciousness and are finally becoming ripe enough as a species to exit that Dimension and continue our ascension to 4D and beyond. In its Essence, the evolution of Consciousness explains the global Spiritual Awakening we are witnessing as we individually and collectively move into the New Earth through Transcendence of Mind and Dissolution of the Egoic sense of self. Awakening from the Dream of Form is the next phase of our evolutionary journey of consciousness ascension, and it appears that the evolutionary aim of consciousness is circular in nature as it takes us back Home to Source, which is where it all started.


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