~ Existence

Essential Point:

The only Real Evidence we have of Existence is Awareness of the Awareness of Existence itself.


It is undeniable that you are reading this right now, if you are reading this right now, which means that you are Aware that you are reading this right now. This awareness alone is the only true evidence of your Existence, and therefore Existence is most purely Known through Awareness as Awareness. What is aware exists, and what exists is aware, even if that awareness is more limited and does not include awareness of Self. Awareness is drawn from the Source of Awareness, which is Pure Awareness, and this Light of Awareness, or Light of Consciousness, is what gives Life to something and brings it into Existence on the Physical Plane.

The origin of Existence is ultimately Unknowable and beyond definition, but our awareness of Existence itself implies the necessity of origin despite its unknowable Nature. This is something to be accepted, not explored. Spiritual Awakening, even in its fullest Realization, still only brings us to the “edge of the mystery” while we remain in the Form of the Human Body.

The meaning of Existence, which is analogous with “the meaning of Life”, evolves as your consciousness evolves, and thus the thousands of varying subjective meanings of Life that are construed across the spectrum of consciousness can be objectified by Knowing that the meaning of Life is simply to evolve your consciousness in and of itself. And to do so to its fullest extent, which is the Essence of total Self-Realization.

Contemplate this for a second – if you intuitively Know that the only undoubtedly real thing in Life is Awareness, or Consciousness itself, this means that the only undoubtedly real meaning of Life is come into Knowing this fully if you do not yet. And further, as Life is Consciousness, the “meaning of Life” can be Interpreted as the “meaning of Consciousness,” and at this point in the evolutionary journey the meaning, or purpose, of Consciousness is to realize that you are it. As Consciousness continues to evolve over the next thousands of years the meaning of Consciousness, or the meaning of Life, will shift accordingly.


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