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Essential Point:

Form is the material, sense-perceived content in the Universe, which is inclusive of your Thoughts and Feelings. Forms are Manifestations of the underlying one, True Reality. To derive your Identity from Form alone Creates Ego, which is why you Suffer, as Form is impermanent.


Form is most purely Interpreted as anything of the material, sense-perceived World. What one can see, hear, touch, smell, or taste (i.e. outer sense Perception), as well as think or Feel (i.e. inner sense Perception) is Form. Form is what makes up the content of our Universe and everything in it.

One of the most Essential points to understand about Form is that it is impermanent, always changing, and subject to inevitable Dissolution overtime, which is why nothing of Form lasts forever – it ultimately must return to the Nothingness from which it came.

Deriving your sense of self from Form Creates the Ego, and because of the transient nature of Form, we become preoccupied with trying to protect or enhance the forms that we’ve chosen to define us. This preoccupation naturally breeds Stress as we often Resist what is, instead trying to control what is in favor of our special forms.

As Human Beings, we are constantly interacting with Form, manipulating Form, and playing with Form throughout our entire lives on Earth, otherwise known as the Playground of Form.

As we Awaken, we wake up from the Dream of Form through the Realization that we are, in fact, the formlessness that enables all Form to take shape. As this Realization occurs, the forms that we formerly Identified with start to lose their seriousness and importance. As we rise in Consciousness we no longer need the things in our Life to be of a certain way in order to be Fulfilled or at Peace.


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