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Essential Point:

“God,” as a word invented by humans, is a symbol or signpost, like any other, which points to the Absolute Truth of that which both lies beyond the manifested World and empowers it. It is the underlying, organizing principle that cannot be conceptualized but only intuitively Realized.


Of all the spiritual explanations nothing is more unexplainable and yet more profoundly simple than the three letter word that our species calls “God.”

God is a symbol or a signpost, like any other, to point to the Absolute Truth of what lies beyond the senses of Perception. God is the One Source of Existence and it is also all of Existence itself, which includes you.

You need look no further than what you see Here and Now to witness God.

In fact, it is only through the here and now that one can come to see and Know God.

What is, is God.

And what is, is not a thing but a verb, it is Being and it is intensely Alive in everything, as everything, and yet at the same Time is No “thing.”  As soon as one sees God as an entity, as a “thing,” it turns it into a construct of the Mind, and it becomes a mental image, a piece of Form.

Yet God is beyond the Mind. In fact, it is beyond definition. One cannot define what cannot be defined. In fact, this is also the fundamental issue with language when we attempt to define anything, for the way our sentence structure is developed Creates inherent duality with a subject and object. As God is All, however, subject and object merge into One and language becomes a poor instrument to capture its Essence.

God is beyond space, Time, and all Perception. Its inscrutable to the Human Mind, yet it can be recognized when the human goes beyond the Mind, which is the essence of the Awakening-Journey. God can only be recognized and experienced for oneself, through oneself, as a verb. As Being. As the Still, Intense Aliveness within you and within everything in Existence, and as Existence itself.

In this sense, you are inseparable from God just as a sunbeam is inseparable from the sun. You are the Light of God, and that Light lives in you, as you, and it can only be recognized within the self as the Self – within the Human as the Being. When you derive your Identity from this unchanging end Eternal Presence, from the Higher Self, instead of the everchanging self made in the Mind, Peace enters. And as long as you continue to be this Pure Awareness, Peace stays.


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