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Essential Point:

True Happiness is not a function of Happiness, but of Peace.


Happiness is based on conditions being satisfied, and as such, it must be transient in Nature, for conditions are sometimes satisfied, but never for long and never forever. Thus, Happiness is inherently conditional, and when those conditions are no longer satisfied, which is inevitable due to impermanence, one is no longer Happy.

Happiness is subject to the law of polarity and cannot Exist without its opposite of Un-Happiness. Happiness is to pleasure as Un-Happiness is to pain and when one Believes that pleasure is the path to Fulfillment they are setting themselves up for inevitable disappointment because pleasure cannot Exist without pain. What goes up must come down – this is an unavoidable fact, no matter how much we try to convince ourselves otherwise.

It is easy to understand why we are so confused, however – not only have our brains been evolutionarily developed to reinforce the pleasure-pain model, but we have also been maladaptively conditioned by society for many centuries now.

More specifically, “The Pursuit of Happiness,” as declared in the U.S. Declaration of Independence, is perhaps the greatest misdirection for the American public and for greater humanity, for true Happiness is not something that can be obtained through pursuit; it cannot be achieved, it cannot be acquired, it cannot be bought, and it cannot be forced into Existence with excessive will or work ethic.

True Happiness must be Realized as something that you already have, as it is a state of Being that you already are; and because you are it, you cannot lose it. More accurately, you are the underlying nonpolarized Essence that enables the polarity of Happiness and Unhappiness to exist.

Our founding father’s instruction to pursue Happiness has kept us trapped in the never-ending and ill-guided external search for something that we already have and thus never had to search for.

True Happiness is your birthright, and it is Realized when you stop the search because you Realize you are that which you have been looking for. You are found, so that the illusion of the Ego Dissolves. More specifically, you Dissolve the “I” and “want” of “I want Happiness” so that only Happiness itself remains. In the most profound sense, You Are Happiness.

It’s important to note that Happiness isn’t as appropriate of a word to use as Peace when attempting explain True Happiness, for Happiness by itself, in the conventional sense, is subject to the polar swing of the human condition while Peace is beyond it and stands in absolute unconditionality.

When Peace replaces Happiness as the primary aim in Life, you Know that you are moving in the direction of Truth, instead of deepening yourself into Ego-Delusion and Suffering.


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