~ Having-Doing-Being

Essential Point:

As you progress along the Awakening-Journey your sense of self evolves accordingly along the spectrum from what you Have, to what you Do, to who you are Being.


Having-Doing-Being refers to the Evolution of Consciousness as well as the spectrum of consciousness in which you currently reside.

The most primitive, or low Level of Consciousness, is at the “Having” level, through which you derive your sense of Identity  through the things you Have – your Body, your Mind, your money, your house, your car, your job, your Relationships, your reputation, your status, your titles, your assets, your possessions, your Thoughts, your Feelings, etc. This Level of Consciousness is deeply egoic and unconscious. At this level, you can be described as spiritually asleep, in which you have not yet Awakened to your Essential Nature beyond the simple Havings of Life.

If your Consciousness continues to expand, your sense of self may now expand from what you “Have” to also include what you “Do”. This includes the type of job you Do, the donations you contribute to, the ways in which you give and spend your Time, among any other “doings” that you Do.

While this may seem more selfless, if you are constructing an Identity through these doings, you are still stuck in the Belief that your Essential self is found in the contents of this World, which implies your consciousness is still asleep. At this level, you are still operating within and identifying with the conditioned Mind, which is inherently of limited consciousness.

It is only at the Level of Being that you can be described as conscious and waking, which is to say, aware of your essential self as that which is beyond this World, which is beyond what you Have and beyond what you Do. At this level of consciousness, your sense of self is based most fundamentally on who you are, which is essentially formless, and not of Form. At this level of consciousness you Transcend Attachment to Having and Doing through the Realization of yourself as pure consciousness, which is what enables the Perception of Having and Doing in the first place.

When you become aware of your essential, formless Nature, that is to say “Being” itself – the “I Am.” – You are approaching higher levels of consciousness higher levels of Energy, beyond Form and therefore beyond Ego. The Beingness is the most fundamental Self that enables the human doings and havings.

As we all share the same Beingness, it is at this level of consciousness that you Realize the oneness of all Life – this essential Realization, which is to Transcend the illusion of Separation, is the Realization of Enlightenment. Only at this level of Awareness can you come back into the World and “Do” consciously, which is to Do from a place of Presence, which is Doing without Ego-investment. This is the Essence of Awakened-Doing.

If our species is to survive, we will Have to further evolve out of the Ego levels of consciousness as found in Having and Doing and enter the Egoless level of Consciousness as found in Being and Awakened-Doing.


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