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Essential Point:

To be Healed is to remember that you are already Fully Whole as Pure Consciousness. To be Healing is the process of Remembering this, which is the Essence of the Awakening-Journey.


Healing is a nonlinear process of Transcending the illusion of Separation and coming into the undoubtable Realization of the Oneness of Life, which is the essence of Enlightenment. All Suffering ultimately comes from the Belief in the Separation of self, and to Heal is to Realize the wholeness that you already are.

This Realization of wholeness, of Oneness of self, is what it means to Awaken. Healing is the waking from the Dream of Form, from the Dream of Separation, and coming into Union with all that is, with what is, with The Now. To be Healed is to remember that you are already fully whole as Pure Consciousness. To be Healing is the process of remembering this, which is the essence of the Awakening-Journey. Thus, True Healing, or the making Whole, happens through Awakening.

As long as you remain asleep and Unconscious, Dreaming the Dream of Form, and identifying yourself as such, you can never be Healed, because you can never remember that you are already whole. To think you are is just that, a Thought, and nothing more. Healing occurs not on the level of Mind, but beyond it, on the Level of Being. It occurs through the Liberation from the Mind and to Dissolve the Ego with the Power of Presence. Only through the Dissolving of all illusion and by waking into true Perception can the Ego be fully Dissolved and can you be fully Healed.

As long as there is any sense of Separation, any Ego Residue, you are not fully Healed. The Ego is notoriously stubborn and sneakily deep rooted and has taken individuals, like the Buddha, supposedly tens of thousands of lifetimes to fully Dissolve. This is why your True Life purpose becomes one of Healing, one of walking the path, which is to say walking back home, one of becoming One.

True Healing occurs on the level of spirit and trickles down through the Mind to instruct the brain which communicates with the Body. Ultimately, total Healing is a holistic, three-legged stool of interconnectedness between the Mind, Body, and spirit. Each Dimension of Healing has its place, but the fundamental driver of the three-legged stool is a function of your connectedness with Spirit.

Be careful not to linger on the Thought of whether you are “Healed” or not, and or wanting to Heal “faster,” to want to Dissolve the Ego faster, for that impatience is simply the Ego poking its head through once more. As a master of disguise, the Ego is very tricky and conniving, which is why alert Awareness is necessary to make progress on the journey of Healing.

Noticing the Ego is Healing. Noticing the Ego is Success. This may seem counterintuitive at first, but you’ll soon Realize the value in the practice. So when you notice the Ego, don’t be discouraged as this will happen often, particularly early on in the Awakening-Journey when your Ego Density is still the most thick and not much Ego has yet been Dissolved.

Also, remember that Healing is a nonlinear process. There likely will be times in Life when you get dragged back into Unconsciousness. Do not fret – it is part of the journey, and if and when it happens to you, it is necessary and for your benefit. Ultimately, the Suffering caused by Ego Identification can and will be used as fuel to further your Awakening into Oneness.

If find yourself getting dragged back into the Ego it is because you need more Suffering and Disillusionment. It is likely that you will go in and out of the Egoic Level of Consciousness for some Time before fully Realizing that you do not need the Ego anymore, at which point you will remain Conscious and any hardship or adversity will deepen your Consciousness instead of pulling you back into Egoic Unconsciousness. If and when you get pulled back into the Ego, you don’t have to “start over” when you snap out of it – it is simply part of the Consciousness Cycle that is necessary for your next phase of evolutionary growth.


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