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Essential Point:

A Human Being is Consciousness Being Human.


The term “Human Being” is the complete expression of who we are – part Human, part Being – yet so few of us are actually Human Beings. Most of us today are only Human as we don’t have any Awareness of or connectedness with our Being.

The human is the temporary Incarnation of Being. There are many humans, but only One Being. Human is what makes us unique, while Being is what makes us the same. Human is the embodiment of Form while Being is the embodiment of formlessness. Human is the conditioned while Being is the unconditioned. To identify with our humanness births Ego. To identify with our Beingness Transcends our humanness and Dissolves Ego.

To think you are only human, which is to say only of Form and none of the formless, gives birth to the Ego and is the primary cause of our individual and collective Suffering. Form is inherently unstable, so if you derive your sense of self from it, which is your sense of “i-ness,” you become inherently unstable, as well.

This makes the exclusive and complete Identification with your humanness a very shallow, terrifying, volatile, and frustrating Life. Ultimately, there are no Happy endings if your Identity is only derived through form. In fact, there’ll be no ending at all. You’ll have to continue to Reincarnate until you fully transcend your Form through the Realization that you aren’t it.

However, in the Awakening-Journey you come to Realize that there is something more to you than what “meets the eye.” There is something more than your Human Body and personality. There is something deeper. And this Realization is the Realization that the essential Self that you are is Being – the foundational “I Am,” which underlies and enables the “I am human” expression to come into Existence. You Realize that you are the Beingness that enlivens your Humanness.

Being is a prerequisite to Human but Human is not a prerequisite to Being. Remember that Humanity is one of many countless expressions of the One Being. On Earth alone it is estimated that there are over eight million different species of plants and animals, or in other words, over eight million different categorized expressions of Being.

The Universe appears to delight in creating various forms of itself, and the Human, although quite advanced when considered on the Evolutionary scale, is still simply just one of those forms of Being…of Consciousness playing with itself.

You are certainly Lost, or Unconscious, when you only know yourself only as a Human and have no connection with Being. Even if you are “Religious,” but still aren’t aware of Being, you are still Lost.

Yet, it is also important to recognize that we are not just Being either, for we are also human and carry this Body and Mind around with us throughout this Incarnation. And it’s not without reason. We are destined to be co-creators and Conscious participants in this World. We are meant to use our Form as vehicles in service of the Awakening Consciousness.

The Essence of Successful living is the Realization of Awakened-Doing, which is to bring the Pure Consciousness that we are into our daily human affairs. In doing so, we don’t go Unconscious and lose ourselves to the Mind or lose ourselves in the Creation – we remain as the Co-Creator rooted in the Seat of Consciousness. This is the next stage of Human Evolution that we are moving into right now – we are rising above the Mind – and it will shift the Frequency of the World into a New Age.

Only through Self-Realization can we truly come to Know ourselves as a Human Being; Until this point we are only human; And we are lost as humans. Once we Realize Being as our essential Nature, we remember who we are, and the experience of Life as a Human Being becomes Loving and Peaceful instead of hateful and fearful. The World of Form becomes our playground to play and to use the learning experience as fuel to further our Awakening.


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