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Essential Point:

Your Human Form is the vehicle through which Consciousness expresses itself temporarily. To Believe your Essential Identity is of your Temporary Humanness is the basis of Ego creation and all associated Suffering.


Your Human Form is inclusive of all that you Have, Do, Think, Feel, and Perceive with your senses.

The primary categories of your humanness include your Body (Physical Form), your Mind (Psychological Form), and all of the varying “things” and life situations in the World.

Some examples of your Physical Form include your weight, your height, your race / ethnicity, your gender, your aesthetic, and or physical illnesses.

Some examples of your Psychological Form include your thoughts, your feelings, your personality, your “Past,” your “Future,” your IQ, your EQ, and all the conditionings that shape your personal habits, behaviors, and thought pattens.

Some examples of worldly contents and life situations include your job, your possessions, your net worth, your Relationships, your living location, your car, your house, your roles, your titles, your family, your friends, your education, etc.

All of these various forms make up the totality of your humanness, which is your surface-level Existence. Their aggregation comprise your “Form Identity”

In contrast to your Beingness, which is forever Changeless, your Humanness is forever Changing. Nothing of Form can last forever – it will always return to the formlessness from which it arose. To confuse your temporary, human-based Form Identity with your permanent, Being-based Formless Identity is the basis for Ego genesis and the Ultimate causation of all Suffering.


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