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Essential Point:

What do you see when you look in the mirror?

Your Identity is your sense of self, which informs your Interpretation of Perception. To confuse your Temporary Form Identity as your Permanent Formless Identity creates Ego and it is the primary cause of all Suffering.


To identify with something is to derive your sense of self from it through Attachment. Your Identifications inform who you think you are, and in summation, construct your overall Identity. There are no bounds on what humans can identify with, but the resulting sense of self determines how you see, interact with, and experience the World. In this sense, your Identifications shape the Interpretation of your Perception, which constructs your sense of Reality

If you exclusively identify yourself through your Form Identity – whether that be through your Body, your job, your car, your house, your money, your possessions, your Relationships, your status, your image, or any “thing” else that you mentally interpret as “yours,” you are ultimately Attaching to the “Thought Form” of that “thing,” which is to say, you are Attaching to the Conditioned Mind, which creates Ego and opens the door for Suffering.

The more you identify with your Thought Forms, the more you identify with the Conditioned Mind and the bigger your Mind-made self – which is the Ego – will grow. At this Level of Consciousness, your Interpretation of Perception is always biased by Your Conditioned Mind so that you see the world the way you are not the way it is. At this stage of the Awakening Journey, you are bound to Suffer and it is even necessary for your Evolutionary Advancement, for all Form is impermanent and must Dissolve in Time. This is something you must Realize and Suffering is the is the Path.

On the other hand, when your Identity is exclusively derived through “No-Identity,” which is to say through that Underlying Formless, Unidentifiable Consciousness, which enables the World of Form, that is your Permanent, Absolute, Essential Identity – your Formless Identity – and your Interpretation of Perception is Free of the Mind, as it is beyond the Mind. At this Level of Consciousness, “You” as the person disappears and only the Self remains. In other words, this State of No-Mind is one in which the Human has been fully Transcended so that only the Being Remains.

Thus, when you begin to Awaken you begin to disidentify from the everchanging World of Form and instead reidentify with the Formless, Changeless, Consciousness, that underlies and indwells within all Form, enabling it to be. To this point, the Awakening process can be described fundamentally as a shift in Identity from Form to Formlessness. You Realize you are in the World, but not of it.

When your Identity is of the Ego, Perception is inevitably corrupted with the subjective interpretation of the Conditioned Mind and all of its associated Judgements, Labels, Opinions, and Narratives. When the Conditioned Mind has been fully Transcended so that the Ego has been fully Dissolved, Perception is Purified so that Perception occurs without Mental Interpretation, which is Pure Awareness itself. Becoming Aware that you are this Awareness, is the realization of Being, which is the Essence of Self-Realization.


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