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There is no Enlightenment without illusion, which is the Belief in that which is not actually true. The Suffering caused through inevitable disillusionment is the fuel that catalyzes and drives Awakening.


illusion refers to the conceptual idea of being duped into believing something that appears to be true that is not in actuality. Throughout the Awakening Journey, many illusions are revealed and Transcended on the path towards Self-Realization. Some of the primary illusions that you’ll Realize are the illusion of Separation, the illusion of the Ego, the illusion of Death, the illusion of “you” and “your” Life, the illusion of Time, the illusion of materiality, the illusion of ownership, the illusion of knowing, the illusion of specialness, the illusion of hurt, and even the illusion of all conceptualization, among several others.

The common ingredient that is responsible for the ultimate birth of all illusion is the Identification with Mind. Attachment to the Mind creates illusion which is the Essence of the Ego, an ultimately illusory entity that is made in your Mind and only exists in your Mind. The more Identified  you are with the Mind, the more illusions you’ll believe and therefore the bigger your Ego will be. Transcendence of the Mind serves to Transcend illusion which serves to Dissolve the Ego.

Most Human Beings today live out their entire Incarnation stuck on the treadmill of illusion. They live in illusion, asleep in the Dream, not knowing they are dreaming, and instead believe it all to be Real, because it Feels Real, and they believe their feelings to be true. As they slide deeper into the slumber of illusion, their Ego density deepens, which paradoxically accelerates their Awakening timeline. They’ll continue to reside in the World of illusion until the Suffering becomes so great that the veil is lifted and the Light shines through, which is the essence of Awakening.

There could be no Enlightenment without illusion. illusion is the cloth we shed until we return to our most natural and naked state of Truth . The state in which no more illusions remain is that of true Enlightenment. It is in this state that one has the realized clarity to see with true Perception. The Transcendence of illusion in totality marks alike the Transcendence of Mind and therefore of Ego. The shift in Consciousness evidences this Transcendence.

Now, the Transcendence of illusion and “waking up” does not mean that the World disappears, for the dream of Form is still going on, you are simply Aware of the dream itself and as a result of this Awareness, you are no longer dreaming the dream – you are now lucid in the dream. You have taken the red pill and no longer are plugged into the matrix.

At this point, you are still limited by being in the Dream of the Universe itself, but through Awareness of the Dream you now have true Power to make the Dream work for you, not against you. This results in a vastly more enriched, enjoyable, and Peaceful Life experience that isn’t contingent on the circumstances of the Dream.

Through the Dissolve of all illusion the Self is realized so that the person Dissolves back into the Oneness of Source to be at Eternal rest. If all illusion isn’t fully Dissolved you haven’t yet fully Escaped the Ego – there is still Karma to work through, which means that you’ll have to Reincarnate after the Death of this current Form to continue on with the Awakening Journey.


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