~ Inner Voice vs “Voice in the Head”

Essential Point:

If prayer is you speaking with God, then the Inner Voice is God speaking with you. The “Voice in the Head,” on the other hand, is the voice of the Ego.


The Inner-Voice most often comes in the Form of whispered intuition and if asked where such insight or direction came from you could not say with any definitive accuracy, as in Truth, it comes from the Dimension of the Unknown itself, which exists beyond Space and Time.

The inner voice, as a Manifestation of the Holy Spirit, is one of the manifested bridges that connects the Human with Being. It connects the spiritual with the physical. It connects your lower self with the One Higher Self. The inner voice is the needle of the Spiritual Compass and it will lead you where you need to go. All you must do is be able to hear it and then have the Courage to follow it.

In today’s times however, this is no easy feat as there is so much noise in ourselves and in our World that the inner voice tends to get drowned out by the “voice in the head,” which is not of Divinity, but a dysfunction of the Egoic Mind that cannot shut off Thinking. Endless mental chatter of a fictitious self, made in your Mind, strangely talking with itself.

As you progress through the Awakening-Journey and become more Still, the Voice in the Head quiets down so you can hear the Inner Voice more definitively. As you turn down the sound of the World, the voice of Spirit can be heard. Silence tends to become a preferred Worldly environment so that you can more easily connect with and hear the Inner Voice. Awakening becomes the process of getting out of your head so that you can hear the Inner Voice and follow it as your most pure and trusted guide.


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