~ Insanity vs. Sanity

Essential Point:

To be Unconscious is to be Insane. To be fully Unconscious is to be fully Insane. The Awakening Journey is a Healing journey in that you become less Insane as you become more Conscious, until you become fully Conscious, which is to be fully Sane, or fully Healed.


The Worldly and Spiritual views of Insanity are naturally in opposition of one another, but ultimately only One can be True, and the True definition of Insanity is to Believe that which is False is Real. In other words, to believe that Illusions are Real. The most foundational illusion of which is to Believe that you are an individual self that is Separate from the Whole, which is to say, you Believe that you are fundamentally a Material entity That is disconnected from the Immaterial Essence that empowers all Life.

If you are of this delusional Belief, your sense of self is one that is made completely within your own Mind and therefore has no basis in True, Absolute Reality. This sense of self is known as the Ego and it is not real. The Ego is an illusion of Mind that feels real because we give it Consciousness, which is real. You think the Ego is you, but it is not you, it is only what you think is you, and this is the Essence of Insanity, as your entire sense of self and sense of Reality is ultimately based on some imaginary thing made up in your mind, which is not real.

The Awakening Journey is a Healing Journey in that you wake up from the Dream of Insanity that you have been asleep in and believing in. The Transcendence of the Illusion of the Ego, of the false self, and to come into the Knowingness of the One Real Self is the Journey of coming into Sanity from Insanity. It is the treatment of this inherited Sickness at the level of cause so that you can sustainably recover and finally be truly healthy.

Anyone who erroneously believes they are Separate from the One is Sick and in need of Healing, whether that it be in this Incarnation or another. The Sickness Manifests as Mental and Physical illness but it is really Spiritual illness that stems from your disconnectedness with Being. If the sickness is not treated at the level of Cause, which is on the Level of Being, you will ultimately remain unhealed and will continue to manifest illness as the infection of the Ego remains. You may appear to get better in certain instances, but it cannot be for the long as the Egoic entity is still intact and feeding on your Consciousness.

The path to True Healing is through the Dissolve of the Ego structure itself, which is to treat the Infection, not the symptoms of the infection as occurs with treatment exclusively on the Level of Mind and Body. If our current Mind and Body treatments as offered through conventional psychiatrists, therapists, and doctors were working we would be seeing a decrease in mental health disorders, alcohol / drug addiction, overdoses, and Suicide, but instead not only are we seeing an increase, but they are at all time highs. Despite our best efforts, we’re in crisis mode and traditional, worldly thought leaders are scratching their heads for answers.

While our policy makers and health providers can look at the data and know that something is not right and not working, they don’t Realize that it is most simply because they haven’t been treating at the Level of Cause. This is not to say that conventional treatment methods on the level of Mind and Body aren’t necessary – they are, but in and of themselves they are incomplete.

The third leg of the Mind-Body-Spirit stool is missing as Spiritual Health has been almost entirely neglected and unaddressed in our views on Comprehensive Health, particularly in the West. In this sense, Spiritual Awakening, as the Influx of Consciousness, is the missing key that holds the singular Power to be the Great Healer and can serve as the fundamental and sustainable cure to the Insanity and Suffering that plagues our World. We must only Realize it.


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