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Essential Point:

Karma is a reference to the balance of trapped Energy that you still carry, and when you are completely free of Karma, you are Free of Ego.


From a Worldly view, Karma refers to the “Eye for an Eye” model of Belief that one will “get what they deserve.” Of course, this Belief Structure is of the Ego as it embodies the “Mind-made” Interpretations of Judgement, Justice, and Fairness that are filtered through the Conditioned Mind.

In Truth, your Level of Karma refers to the balance of trapped Energy that has yet to be released, which is a proxy measure of how much Unconsciousness, or Ego, remains. In this sense, your Level of Karma is a proxy for your Level of Consciousness.

You are born with a certain Level of Karma, or “Energetic Inheritance,” that you bring into this incarnation from your prior. To this end, your Level of Karma instructs your Dharma, which is the Divine Blueprint, or “Learning Map” that guides you Home.

The carryover nature of Karma from one incarnation into the next is one possible explanation for why “terrible things happen to good people” in current incarnations – for example, why babies die, why people who are healthy get sick, why individuals die in tragic accidents, and why any other seemingly random acts of unfairness or injustice occur.

Humans mistakenly view their current lifetime as the only lifetime they’ve had or will have and thus view what happens to them and others in a finite timeline when the True Nature of Reality is Infinite and Timeless. In this sense, most humans today still misinterpret the Essential Function of Karma as it is conceptualized on the Level of Mind.

True Karma is not a function of “Good” or “Bad” as is viewed by the World, but more simply, it is a function of “True” or “Untrue” as measured by Energy. The more your Energy becomes aligned with the Frequency of Pure Consciousness, or Truth itself, the “better” or lighter your Karma becomes. The more your Energy becomes aligned with the Frequency of Pure Unconsciousness, or the Ego, the “worse,” or heavier your Karma becomes.

This has nothing to do with Judgment, but rather it is a matter of discernment. When you become fully Enlightened, you have fully Dissolved the Ego so that No Karma remains. And with no more Karma, there is no more Energy Inheritance to fuel the additional Birth-Death Cycles through Reincarnation. As such, you are no longer required to be earthbound in Human Form and thus can merge back into the Oneness of Source itself, should you choose. You have been Liberated. You are Free.


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