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Essential Point:

Knowing is Knowing on the level of Being while knowing is knowing on the level of Mind.

To Transcend knowing to Know is the Essence of the Awakening-Journey.


Knowing (with a big “K”) is not the same as knowing (with a small “k”).

Knowing is Knowing on the level of Being. knowing is knowing on the level of Mind.

Knowledge is on the level of Being. knowledge is on the level of Mind.

There is no amount of knowledge that can make you Know, as Knowing is ultimately something you Realize and not something you understand. This is the essential difference between someone who is directly experiencing Awakening versus someone who can mentally discuss Awakening concepts.

Knowledge is beyond concepts while knowledge is conceptual. The great spiritual teachers from thousands of years ago, such as Buddha or Jesus, certainly knew a lot less than we know today (they didn’t have the internet or “Google” after all), but we certainly Know a lot less today than they Knew then, due to the ballooning of our Ego and the resulting disconnectedness from Being.

The essential purpose of Awakening is to go beyond knowing to Knowing; to go beyond our Humanness through Realization of our Beingness. To Know who you are, not to know who you think you are. In this sense, Knowing is a function of your Level of Consciousness – you are only growing in Knowingness when you are growing in Consciousness.

The Ultimate Knowing is Knowing that no-thing is actually knowable – that every-thing in Existence, no matter how seemingly small or large, is ultimately Unknowable. This is the only thing that can be truly Known.


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