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Essential Point:

Liberation marks the release of enslavement to the Mind. The fully liberated state is the fully Awakened state, which is Realized through full Ego-Death.


Liberation is a reference to the release of enslavement from your Mind, and more specifically, the release from Identification  with your Mind, which is to say – the release of the Ego. Liberation occurs through Ego-Death.

In an unliberated state, which tends to still be the “Normal” state of most Humans today, you are Imprisoned by your Conditioned Mind – it is the master and you are the servant. Through Liberation, these roles reverse so that you regain the seat of the master and the Mind the servant.

Thus, Liberation marks the freeing of Self from the imprisonment of Mind, which in other words, is a process of taking back the Consciousness that the Mind had been draining from your Essence. Liberation very much Feels like an enlivening process because it is quite literally the taking back of Life that you had erroneously given to the Mind and World of Form in the confusion of Believing it to be a part of your fundamental Identity.

The Liberation journey is analogous to the Awakening-Journey, and it tends to be gradual rather than spontaneous. When you have Realized full Liberation from the Mind, your new default state of Mind is one of No-Mind, which is to say, beyond the Mind, which is beyond Time and in The Now.

You now see the World for what it is rather than what you are, for you no longer see from the seat of the person. This is the Enlightened, or Awakened state – in Buddhism it is referred to as Nirvana, and in Hinduism it is referred to as Moksha. At this end point of the Awakening-Journey, you are ready to return Home and no longer need to Reincarnate.


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