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Manifestation is the process of Co-Creation, in which you tap into and partner with Divine Intelligence to harness Universal Law to intentionally construct your physical, sense-perceived Reality.


Manifestation is the process of Co-Creation, in which you tap into and partner with Divine Intelligence to intentionally construct your sense-perceived Reality. More generally, you are accessing the spiritual Dimension to Consciously alter the physical Dimension.

True Manifestation is about merging a Mental-Emotional Visualization into The Now, the Womb of Creation. In Essence you are impregnating The Now with your Mental Visualization.

From an Energy perspective, which is the only true perspective, one merges the mental visualization of what they choose to Manifest into the Pure Source Frequency of The Now, which is already complete, full, and of the highest Vibration.

The Essence of Manifestation is the realization that the Reality you are choosing to Manifest already exists now, in The Now, and all you must do is tune into the Frequency of the Present moment so that it can be merged with the mental image of the Reality you are envisioning.

You hold this image in The Pure Frequency of The Now, as if it were happening right Here & Now, which emits to the Universe the Energy Frequency as if you were literally experiencing it right Here & Now. As your outer Reality must ultimately reflects your inner Reality, what you choose to Manifest will come into your Life one way or another through the Law of Attraction.

Remember that you are not controlling the “how” or “when” of Manifestation, simply the what, as an expression of Energy. Your manifestation will almost certainly not be detail for detail as you envisioned, as that isn’t how Universal Law operates, but its Essence will be Realized into your Reality in time if you are practicing true Manifestation technique.

The key point to remember is that the thing you choose to Manifest is not something you want, you already have it. It already exists in the Quantum Field, you just have to tap into the Pure Frequency of the womb of Creation so that the Universe can help bring this Reality that already exists into your Sense-Perceived Awareness.

In this sense, True Manifestation happens on the Level of Being, which is not in the Mind, but in The Now, with The Now, and through The Now. If you attempt to Manifest on the Level of Mind, that is to say by asking for it or by “wanting it really hard” or by “wishing it” into Existence, it won’t happen. This is not how true Manifestation works.

On the Level of Mind, through wanting or desire, your Energy Signal emission is one of lack, and thus you will attract more lack. Paradoxically, you must emit the Energy of what you want through not wanting it because it already exists and you already have it. You get what you want by not wanting it, and you don’t want it because you already have it, and you already have it because you are it, and you are it by Being it.

This all may sound counterintuitive but it is the Essence of True Manifestation – you just have to Know it, which makes your ability to Manifest a function of your Consciousness, which is a function of your Presence. It may take practice, but continue to merge the Mental Visualization of your manifestation into the Womb of Creation that is the Fullness of the Now, by Being The Now, and see what happens when the frequency of this Energy emission is held over time.


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