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Essential Point:

As a Materialist, you operate on the level of Belief. You believe that Consciousness is a byproduct of the physical brain. You believe that you are “a Human having a Spiritual experience.” You believe that you are both in the World and of it. You believe that you are a Separate, independent entity that is disconnected from the Whole of Existence and thus you believe in Death as the end of self.


A Materialist, in contrast to a Spiritualist, is someone who identifies with or derives their sense of self from the Physical World, or as it may also be described, the World of Form, the World of “things.” A Materialist is therefore someone who is egoistically Identified. The Materialist believes that the self is the Ego.

The Ego is a fictitious self, made as a collection of thought forms in the Mind, that has no Real basis in Reality. As such the Materialist is also someone who is Insane, Thinking that their true Self is a Separate, independent entity that is disconnected from the whole.

Materialist values are based on fear, scarcity, lack, competition, and survival. The Materialist represents a person of low-level Consciousness and Intelligence. This is not a judgment – this is discernment. If materialists cannot shed their Egoic skin to evolve into Higher Consciousness like the Spiritualists, then natural selection will likely have to leave them behind as we move into the New Earth.


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