~ Maturity

Essential Point:

The fully Mature state is the fully Awakened state, in which you have transcended the Mind so that you Intelligently respond instead of impulsively react to Life situations.


Of course there is physical Maturity, which is the physical growing of the Body and brain, as well as mental Maturity, which is the expansion of mental faculties, cognitive power, and personality development, and then there is Spiritual Maturity, which is often overlooked as it is largely Unknown, but in Truth, it is the only true Maturity that exists.

The Worldly Interpretation of Maturity is the developed ability to be able to handle Worldly affairs responsibly, practically, and ethically, and in line with societal standards of conduct. As such, the Worldly view of Maturity is largely a measure of your Mental-Emotional capacity to handle life according to societally acceptable standards.

In the un-awakened state, the Ego is in control, and as the Ego perceives itself as always under threat and in Survival Mode, it reacts impulsively and unconsciously to Life affairs. Situations result in chaos, blaming, tantrums, victimization, drama, and intense Suffering via the misinterpretation of events and bias of the conditioned Mind. When you are seeing through the veil of the person your Level of Maturity is determined by the conditioned Mind, which is inherently limited and misguided through this bias. This is not the truly Mature state, even for the most sound of minds and personalities, making Intelligent Response not possible.

True Maturity, however, occurs beyond the Level of Mind as decisions are made from the seat of Consciousness rather than the Ego. In this sense, true Maturity is interpreted to be a function of Consciousness. The more you can remain as the Still observer the more Mature you are to weather Life’s storms, whatever they may be. Instead of losing yourself in the Life situation, now, as the Awakened Being, you stand firm in Peace throughout it all with perfect equanimity. And only in this state of Mind, or rather “No-Mind,” which is driven through the Realization of Being, can you appropriately and Intelligently Perceive, evaluate, and respond to any Life circumstance or happening.


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