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Essential Point:

Mental Illness is largely a symptom of Spiritual Illness, which occurs when you are Disconnected from Being. In this sense, as you Awaken, which is a process of Restoring Connectedness with Being, you experience Healing on the Mental and Physical Planes as a byproduct of this Ascension of Consciousness.


Mental Illness is the end result of the fundamental Belief that you are a Separate and Physical self that is Disconnected from the Whole. In Essence, it is to know yourself only as the Human, as you are completely unaware of your Being, which is to Exist without Life. In this sense, Mental Illness is Spiritual Disconnectedness made Manifest, which is the Essence of what It means to be Unconscious, or “asleep.”

When you Believe you are Separate, you are Sick. This umbrella Sickness often manifests in many varying forms throughout Life and across Humans as it ultimately depends on the individual’s specific conditionings, experiences, and Karma.

For example, if you tend to live in the so-called “Past,” carrying Regret, Guilt, Shame, Sadness and or some form of Bitterness – you tend to ultimately fall into an Unconscious and Egoic State of Being that western doctors diagnose as “Depression.”

On the other hand, if you tend to live more in the so-called “Future,” worrying about what will happen, trying to control certain situations, and or experiencing Fear from the inherent uncertainty and instability of this Form-based World, you are likely to be diagnosed with what western doctors call “Anxiety.”

While the intensity of Depression and Anxiety varies across individuals, as a function of the heaviness of the Conditioned Mind, the commonality is that these Unconscious Humans are stuck in the Mind living in Time instead of Consciously living Here in The Now.

The frightening yet correctable Truth is that until you Realize who you truly are, which is to Realize that you are not the self that you think you are, you are ignorantly living in a schizophrenic state – as there is the “Mind-made you” and the “Real you” – and this schizophrenic, split state of Consciousness serves as the root Cause of all illness as manifested and experienced on the levels of Mind and Body.

Through Awakening, however, the False self Dissolves so that only the Real Self remains. Two dissolves into One, and what is One is Whole and what is Whole is Healed. In this sense, the fundamental cure to the Mental Health Crisis is found through Self-Realization. By remembering who we are through the Transcendence of who we are not, we can Let Go of the Ego Phantom self to come into Connectedness with the True One Self.

Liberation from the Mind brings Deep Peace and Healing that Western pills and medicine cannot and do not provide. Western medicine and even most conventional therapeutic techniques offered today are mistreating at the level of symptom, not at the level of Cause. This is to say, they are treating at the level of Mind and Body, where symptoms show, and not at the level of Being, where Cause is found.

In analogy, our Health Professionals are putting band-aids on wounds that are infected. If the aim is to truly Heal, we must first treat the Inner-level infection instead of first treating the outer level Manifestation. If we do not treat at the level of cause, the infection will never goes away. It’s for this reason that so many people who get on Anti-Depressants or Anti-Anxiety medications continue to stay on them for their entire lives.

Many Health and Medical organizations are becoming increasingly Ego-corrupted themselves so that the incentive to keep you Sick has been conditioned into the industry’s systematic design. As long as you remain sick you have to keep coming back to buy more treatments, which continues to feed their Egos with cash.

But, participating in this drama of the mysteriously never ending sickness isn’t necessary – it is possible to Truly and Sustainably Heal, you just have to Heal at the Level of Cause, not at the Level of Symptom. As the sicknesses that we are experiencing are Essentially Causes of the Ego, the Essential cure is found through its Dissolvement.

In this way, True Healing becomes a Function of the Awakening Journey, which is a function of Consciousness. And raising your Level of Consciousness does not require pills, only Realization. Awareness is the best chemotherapy for the Cancer of the Ego. The Healthy, Healed, and Whole state is our Natural State of Beingand a Birthright we all can access. When we Dissolve the Ego, we are Dissolving the Mind structure that causes and perpetuates our Sickness.

In Truth, you are not broken, damaged, chemically imbalanced, beyond repair, or even “sick,” you are simply Lost in your Mind, believing that you are the Mind, and all that is Essentially needed to Heal you is a fundamental Shift in Consciousness that brings you out of the Mind and into your Heart.


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