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Essential Point:

Nature is the World’s most Pure Mirror that Reflects back your most Essential Self.


Nature is more your Essential Self than anything you Have or Do ever is, ever will be, and ever can be. There is a reason the entirety of the Human species shares a certain indescribable connectedness, Aliveness, and Feeling of “Being Home” when immersed in Nature. It is because Nature is our greatest common ancestor – we call her Mother Nature, after all, and not by accident.

She’s in all of us as we Essentially come from her. She is the mother of humanity, as before humanity existed, Mother Nature was there. Nature birthed humanity, and through Nature’s Presence you can more easily connect to your own, for they are one of the same. Nature is one of our most pure mirrors that clearly reflects our truest Self. It is beyond Mind, it is the Essence of Being itself – Pure Spaciousness, Pure Stillness, and Pure Consciousness. When we are in awe of Nature’s pure Beauty we are recognizing that same indescribable Essence which indwells within ourselves, and what we are witnessing is God.

If you fear Nature, you fear God, and it implies that you are more strongly Identified with your Ego, or “unnatural” self. As such, embrace Nature, for it is a Divine portal to the Godly Dimension of the Unmanifested itself, direct access to the Unknown of The Now. There’s nothing more Present than Nature herself – Nature is. It does not think, it does not label, it does not complain, it does not Judge, it does not opinionate, it does not wonder what Time it is, or what it will Do in the Future, or regret what it has done in the Past, it simply is Being. And by Being in Nature, we are Being with Being, we are One with Being, which is the Essence of Enlightenment.

This is the Feeling that so many recognize in Nature, and what magnetically draws you to it, but you cannot describe it with words, because what is truly Godly is always beyond words. Nature –  as observed through the Great Plains, the Rocky Mountains, the vast oceans, or even the smallest plant, the tiniest puddle, or perhaps even the briefest gust of wind – is the closest we can come to observing Truth directly as humans.

This is why it is helpful on the Awakening Journey to spend as much Time as you reasonably can in Nature. It can accelerate your awakening and will directly connect you to what lies beyond the Mind, to your truest, mot Divine Self. And when you are in Nature, remember to be with Nature – Be as Nature is Being. Let Nature pull you into your most natural State of Being so that you can observe Stillness as One with Nature.


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