New Partner Intro! Meet Jamie Gooch – Breathwork

We are excited to welcome our New Partner – Jamie Gooch – into the Awakenpedia Family, who will be offering Advanced Breathwork Services to the Community. You can see her Full Partner Profile and range of free & discounted services in our Member Forum!

An Introduction from Jamie:

Hello beautiful beings! My name is Jamie Gooch, I am a certified breathwork facilitator and somatic healer based in Painesville, Ohio. My goal is to co-create safety in this community where you feel safe to grow, heal and expand your awareness. I strive to help you become aware of how powerful you are – your body holds the key to self healing and growth. I work with clients 1:1 and in group settings to raise awareness on healing from within by using our own breath as the guide.  

My awakening journey started in 2018, I was working full time as a dental hygienist when I began to question the unspoken “rules” and pressures from the healthcare field to conform to a specific way of healing. My feelings of anxiety began to heighten the more I learned and the farther I ran from previously conditioned beliefs.

I personally found breathwork during 2020 to aid in letting go of anxious thoughts and panic in a natural way. I was guided to become a certified breathwork facilitator and upon completion of my educational journey I created my business Expanding Consciousness LLC where I work today with clients virtually, in studio and in my community. My sessions are full of specific breathing patterns and somatic practices to guide you inward past the mind for expansive growth, clarity and alignment.  

I am so grateful to be here with you at Awakenpedia, I look forward to connecting on a deeper level!


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