New Partner Intro! Meet Maëva Revol – Holistic Fitness

We are excited to welcome our New Partner – Maëva Revol – into the Awakenpedia Family, who will be offering Holistic Fitness & Hormone Balancing Services to the Community. You can see her Full Partner Profile and range of free & discounted services in our Member Forum!

An Introduction from Maëva:  

Hi! I’m Maëva, your health & fitness bestie to guide through a transformation that is beyond the physical!

I am a NASM certified personal trainer and hormone coach whose intention is to help women discover their feminine strength through fitness and cyclical syncing. 

During my journey of seeking to create the healthiest version of myself, I’ve found that fitness and cyclical syncing was the key to unlocking a whole new level of confidence and  body awareness that has contributed to me feeling free and balanced all month long.  Finding what optimal health means as a woman has been the greatest gift I could give to myself and my clients.

I discovered it’s my purpose to share this lifestyle with other women who struggle to feel their best in their bodies. It is my mission to empower as many women as I can in becoming educated and strong for the rest of their lives.


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