New Partner Intro! Meet Mayra Rath – Past Life Regression

We are excited to welcome our New Partner – Mayra Rath – into the Awakenpedia Family, who will be offering Hypnotherapy & Past Life Regression Services to the Community. You can see her Full Partner Profile and range of free & discounted services in our Member Forum!

An Introduction from Mayra:

Mayra Is a leader in the Past Life Regression Therapy modality, having regressed thousands of global clients, over the last 24 years. She has learned from past leaders in the industry, including Dolores Cannon, Dr. Brian Weiss, Dick Sutphen and Marisa Peer.

Her Hypnosis practice is in Los Angeles, where she conducts both in-person and online remote sessions globally. In her practice, she offers Past Life Regression Therapy, QHHT Quantum Healing Hypnosis Technique, In-Between Lives Hypnosis and her own technique Soul Ascension Hypnosis, which includes exploring multiple lifetimes, connecting with the HigherSelf, Healing, Reiki and Channeling Light Language.

In addition to her private practice, she also offers a Past Life Regression Training Course and often speaks in public lectures on the subject of Past Lives.

You can enjoy listening to some of her sessions on her Youtube Channel @Soul Signs Hypnosis and her PODCAST, Past Lives with Mayra Rath on your favorite podcast platform.


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