~ Nonduality

Essential Point:

The level of Consciousness in which one has Transcended the illusion of Separation and the seeming polarity of the sense-perceived World through Realization of the underlying Oneness of all Existence.


One of the primary Realizations on the Awakening-Journey, which is the Realization of the Oneness of all things, and similarly, the illusion of Separation. Nonduality is an Essential Truth that is also now validated by modern Quantum science, which recognizes all matter in the observable Universe as varying Vibrations of the same One, underlying Energy, or Spaciousness.

The Realization of Nonduality serves to facilitate the Dissolve of the Ego, which exists as the inherent Belief in a Separate sense of self. As the Realization of Nonduality deepens, one’s Level of Consciousness continues to rise. When the Separate “other” ceases to Exist, we find Judgement to be impossible, for only the Self remains and the Self is beyond Judgement, for it is beyond the Mind.

As such, the deeper you align with the Oneness of all Life, the more Kind, Loving, Compassionate, and Forgiving you naturally become.


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