~ Pain Body

Essential Point:

The unprocessed Egoic Energy that remains trapped in you and becomes part of the Conditioned Mind.


The Pain Body is an expression as coined by the great spiritual teacher, Eckhart Tolle, to describe trapped Energy within you that may often take you over to make you Unconsciously Think, Feel, and act in unloving ways, that ultimately causes you Suffering.

The Pain Body is birthed into Existence by Past hurt that has occurred and has not been fully processed, released, or otherwise Healed. Another way to describe this is to say that the Energy of the experiences you have endured over the course of your Awakening-Journey has not passed through you but has gotten stuck, or trapped, and now lives within you, as part of the Conditioned Mind that makes up your Egoic Identity.

The aggregated Pain Body is the sum of all unhealed, or unprocessed, or unreleased Energy that you have accumulated over not only this lifetime, but all lifetimes you have lived.

The Pain Body you come into this World with, that is to say the trapped Energy that you come into this Incarnation with, is also known as your Karma. The Pain Body lives in Time, and cannot Exist in The Now. There is No-Pain in The Now, just as there is No-Body in The Now. The Now is Free of Suffering.

Thus, the purpose of Life on Earth on both the individual and collective basis becomes the journey of releasing the Pain Body so that we can live fully in The Now, which is to Awaken to who we truly are.

When you Believe you are your pain, the Pain Body serves to strengthen your Ego. When you Realize you are not your pain, the Pain Body becomes an opportunity to use as the fuel to transmute Suffering into Peace.


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