~ Peace

Essential Point:

True Peace arises when you have Dissolved the Ego and so that there is no longer any Resisting Entity to resist the Present moment. It is the resultant State of Being that comes with totally Being in The Now. Peace cannot be achieved or acquired – it can only be accessed through Self-Realization.


Peace is the only human goal worth pursuing that cannot be Realized through pursuit. It cannot be achieved. It cannot be bought. It cannot be borrowed. It cannot be lost. But it can be forgotten. It is your most natural state of being – your birthright.

Peace is the resultant state of Mind and being that is felt when one remembers their true Nature; When one remembers who they are in their Essence and identifies as such. Peace is the Eternal state of bliss that resides within you and can be accessed through the Present moment.

Peace is Present when you are.

Peace is lost when you are lost in the World.

It is easy to confuse True Peace with the temporal Happiness that comes from conditions being perceived as favorable. True Peace is agnostic to condition or circumstance, it arises from within when the true Self is remembered and Identified  with. True Peace is to be of joy and it is what makes Life worth living.


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