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Perception, or “Sense-Perception” is the witnessing of both the inner and outer contents, or Forms, of The Now. It is what you can see, hear, touch, taste, and smell, as well as what you may Think and or Feel in the Present moment. Sense Perception’s Essential purpose is to be a portal that provides access to the Transcendent Dimension for Self-Realization. More specifically, you use Perception to Realize the perceiver that enables Perception.


Perception, or “Sense Perception” is the Mental-Emotional recognition of what is as captured through the senses. Outer Sense-Perception is what is recognized through sight, hearing, taste, touch, and smell while Inner Sense-Perception is what is recognized through Thought and Feeling. The important thing to understand with Perception is that how one Interprets the Perception corresponds to their Level of Consciousness.

In the Un-awakened, or Unconscious state, the interpretation of Perception is corrupted by the Egoic Mind. More specifically, under Egoic Perception, the Conditioned self is Projected unto what you Perceive, creating a subjective and ultimately illusory relative Reality. In this case, the interpretation of Perception is not of what is but of what you are, in that moment.

An easy way to understand this in action is to consider a time when you or someone you know was “out-of-control” angry so that they were “seeing red.” Everyone and everything in their path felt their wrath, no matter whether they had anything to do with the situation or not. This person might have been screaming at the top of their lungs, kicking over trash cans, punching holes in walls, or just aimlessly violent and aggressive.

Regardless, this example of being completely taken over by emotion is evidence of Ego takeover and highlights what is happening to the un-awakened person on a more micro level on a daily basis. In this state of “Normal Unconsciousness,” you interpret the World based on the conditioning of your mind, which is the basis of the Ego. Yet, no matter the conditioning of the Ego all interpretations are makings of the Mind and therefore untrue on an Absolute basis.

In the fully Awakened state, as the Ego has been Fully Dissolved, Perception is true, meaning it is beyond the Mind and therefore beyond interpretation, revealing the true Nature of Reality. In the Awakened state of Consciousness, there is no interpretation of Perception – meaning no labels, no Judgments, no opinions – there is only Pure Awareness itself – that is, Awareness of what is, and more deeply, Awareness of Awareness itself, which is the essence of Self-Awareness, and in this context, the Realization of Self as the Perceiver perceiving the perception.

Pure Perception implies Acceptance and Nonresistance to what is as there is only Nonattached Observation. There is no Labeling of “good” or “bad”, as there is no Judgement, for there is no Thinking. Thus, Pure Perception implies a state of No-Mind, which can be described as a state of blissful open-Awareness.

As such, the Awakening-Journey can also be described as a process of Transcending the Mind into a state of No-Mind, or No-Mental Interpretation, so that Perception becomes Pure.


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