~ Quantum Field

Essential Point:

the underlying and indwelling Compositional Structure of the Universe that pulls its Power directly from Source and serves as the Computational Lab for all Manifestation and Creation observed Here on the Physical Plane.


The Quantum field is the underlying and indwelling compositional structure of the Universe that pulls its Power directly from Source; it is an Infinite, Eternal, and Multidimensional field of Pure Energy that is accessed to Create and Manifest on the Physical Plane. It lies beyond all sense perceived forms as the formless substrate of the Absolute Reality.

The Quantum field encompasses the totality of The Now, which is all that is. It is beyond Time and Space as the invisible and immeasurable Infrastructure that enables Time and space, as well as all objects of space. You are inseparably connected to the Quantum Field as it is the compositional fabric of Existence and all forms of Existence. It is beyond the Level of Mind and is perhaps best described as the primordial computational lab, or Womb of Creation, as accessed through The Now, and its True Creational Power is beyond Human Comprehension.


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