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Essential Point:

Relationships are not here to make you Happy, they are here to make you Conscious. The Essential purpose of a Relationship is to serve as a mirror to notice the remaining Ego within yourself that has yet to be released. When all Ego has been Dissolved, no longer is there any Relationship for there is no other – you only see your Self as there is only One.


A true Relationship can only Exist if there is a Soul connection, which is to recognize the Beingness in the other as the Self. Without Soul connection, it is simply two Egos interacting, which is an illusion of a self interacting with another illusion of a self. Two illusions of self-interacting with each other does not make the Relationship Real, it simply deepens the illusions and therefore makes it even less Real. Now you’re lost in the illusion so that it’s even more unconscious.

Given the state of humanity today, most Relationships are not actually based in Reality, but based in the Mind, and therefore “fake,” as they often say. And most of these Relationships are fake without you knowing or Believing it to be fake, which is to say there is little to no awareness to be able to tell the difference. When one or both unconscious participants in the egoic Relationship enter deep Unconsciousness, often through some perceived hardship or betrayal, that is when the Relationship becomes toxic. Paradoxically, toxic Relationships have greater potential to induce Spiritual Awakening given the extreme amount of disillusionment and Suffering they often induce.

The essential purpose of a Relationship, whether romantic or platonic in Nature, is to serve as a Loving Unconditional Mirror for one to see a reflection of themselves that highlights where they need further Healing – thus, the essential purpose of the Relationship is to facilitate the Awakening-Journey. Where one needs Healing, which implies where there is more Ego to dissolve, is revealed through disturbance within you. If something someone else does disturbs your Peace it is a reflection of the Ego that remains in you – not them – that still needs to be transcended, Let go of, or otherwise “Healed.”

In a true Relationship you serve as this mirror for them and they for you – this is the essential bond. If the Relationship does not carry the essential purpose of facilitating Healing via the unconditional mirror then it is not a true Relationship, but it is egoic and therefore inherently conditional.

The romantic Relationship has the same essential purpose as the generalized Relationship with two primary differences – first, there is potential for the mirror to be much stronger and clearer as more Time is often spent with this person and thus they can reflect more of you. Second, the Romantic Relationship is more totally Fulfilling as it has the ability to Fulfill functions on both the Human and Being Dimensions, not just on the Level of Being, in which you recognize the Beingness in the other as the Beingness in you – the One Being Realization.

Remember, if there is no Soul connection, which is Relationship Fulfillment on the Level of Being, then there is no Real Relationship at all. For example, if two humans are having sex and don’t share a Soul connection, that is only a human based or egoic exchange and cannot be considered a true Relationship as nothing Real is being exchanged.


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