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Essential Point:

Response is the Essence of Intelligently replying to a Life situation from the empowered seat of Presence.


A Response is a Conscious reply to a Life situation that is derived from connectedness with Being.

Response stands in contrast to Reaction, which is derived from Ego, and serves as an expression of Higher Power Intelligence that flows into the person from the unconditioned Mind. Response can only occur when you are Present.

Through Presence, one is able to observe any inner disturbances as evidence of Egoic Energy that is to be transmuted, not acted upon – this is the essence of response. When you aren’t Identified  with the contents of your Mind, you have the space to witness the Thoughts and Feelings that arise through Life’s happenings, and can recognize them simply as types of Form and not as yourself. This Conscious space, as generated through Present Awareness, allows one to intentionally choose how to reply to a Life situation instead of impulsively reacting, as is inevitable when Identified with the Mind.

Response is Intelligent reply when Reaction is unintelligent reply. Response is Conscious and Reaction is Unconscious. Response is derived from Presence and Reaction is derived from Ego. Response grows as one progresses into the Awakening-Journey and thus is positively correlated to Consciousness. In the fully Awakened state, Reaction is completely Transcended so that only Response occurs.


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