~ Self-Improvement

Essential Point:

The lower self can always be improved while the Higher Self is beyond improvement.


As understood by the World, self-improvement is about becoming bigger, better, faster, and stronger on the levels of Mind and Body. It’s about viewing yourself as a machine and then Doing things to make you, as the machine, perform more efficiently in that greater capacity. This Worldly perspective of self-improvement is in reference to improving the human Form because only that can be improved.

In Truth, however, True Self-Improvement is not possible, for the Self is already perfect and thus there is No-thing that can be improved. To try to do so is an egoic attempt to make Infinity bigger and to make Eternity longer, which are impossible, irrational tasks. When the Self is Realized in Truth , you Realize that Self-Improvement is an illusion of the Ego that is to be Dissolved with the illusion of Separation itself.

Of course, on the level of Human, we can make improvements to ourselves – we can get in better shape, we can acquire new skills, we can attain new knowledge, we can make more money, and be more efficient with certain tasks, But it must also be Realized that there is no such thing as perfect on the level of human and thus the urge to self-improve has no end date or final destination – by egoic design, it will and must go on indefinitely.

Of course, when you are fully attached to your Human Form, you do not know this and instead Unconsciously Believe that “if you can only lose 20 pounds then you will have a good Life and be Happy.” Or, “if you can only learn this skill and get that job to earn this amount of money then Life will be complete.” Or, “if you could just become a bit more funny so that you could attract a partner to settle down with them you will have Peace.” Of course, none of these self-improvements would be satisfying for too long as the Egoic Mind Structure would still be intact and it would creep back in to demand that you now improve other areas of your Life. The Ego is always hungry and can never be satisfied for long.

Thus, as you Awaken to the Self beyond the Human Form you Realize the absurdity of expecting Form-based self-improvement to have any Real impact on your Fulfillment. At the growing Level of Consciousness, you know that your Form is always changing and it is only a temporary, relative Identity that consciousness is using to express itself through for this Unknown period of Time. You can consciously choose to improve your human shell in certain ways if you wish, but now it is done from a place of enjoyment rather than need. Now self-improvement is done from a place of Love rather than Fear.

And of course, through Self-Realization you know that you are One, and what is One is Whole, and what is Whole cannot be improved to be made more Whole; and so you rest in Peace in this Knowingness and now can play with your Human Form in a less serious way. Improve it if you care to, don’t improve if you don’t care to – ultimately all improvements we make to our forms or Life situations are impermanent and therefore insignificant on an Absolute basis.


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