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Essential Point:

The Belief in a Separate self is to know yourself only as a physical, independent entity that is disconnected from your essential Nature of Beingness. To believe you are Separate gives birth to the Ego and to Transcend this fundamental belief is to Dissolve the Ego, which is the Essence of Awakening.


Separation, that is to say the belief in Separation, is to think that you are a physical, independent entity that is intrinsically disconnected from the Whole. The belief in a Separate self births the False sense of self that is otherwise known as the “Ego” and it is what makes Suffering possible.

The Separate state is the Survival Mode state, which is predominated by Stress due to the accompanying fear of Death. You unconsciously believe that it is you against the World and as a result you do whatever you can to prevent your own annihilation.

More specifically, through knowing yourself exclusively as a material, or Form-based entity you become Unconsciously drawn to material, or Form-based accumulation, believing what you Have and what you Do determines and influences your value as a Human Being. This is how you see yourself and thus colors how you come to see and Interpret Reality.

However, as all Form is inherently unstable and subject to inevitable dissolution, the belief in Separate self, which attaches itself to Form, is a fundamental error that leads to inevitable disillusion and Suffering. As the Form collapses, you collapse with it. This is the precipitating event to nearly every Identity crisis experienced.

With enough Form collapse and perhaps with multiple Identity crises registered, you may come to Realize that there is something else, something deeper, that continues to remain throughout each Form collapse. There is something unchanging underneath that underlies the chaotic changing of Form on the surface.

You may further Realize that this unchanging essence is not only Present within you, but within everyone else as well. And through this cascade of Realization, coupled with modern science that shows how all matter is essentially Energized Spacious Nothingness, you can come to see that the belief of Separation is in fact an illusion.

Realizing the illusion of Separation is the Realization of Nonduality, which is the Essential Realization of Oneness on the Awakening-Journey that sets you on the path to Truth. Deeper Awakening cannot occur without this primary Knowingness.


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