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Essential Point:

Source is the Unknowable origin and supplier of Pure Consciousness, which flows into and enables all Life forms. It is the Home of God that empowers your Being.


Source is the unknowable origin of Existence, serving as the ultimate womb of all Creation. All that is, is of Source as it is birthed from Source. It is the Home of many names – the Home of God, the Home of the Unmanifested Dimension, the Home of The Now, the Home of the One, the Home of Consciousness, the Home of Pure Energy, and many more.

Ultimately, it our truest and only Home, which the Awakening-Journey returns us back to. As Creations of this one Source, all Form, which includes human forms, share Source as their primordial, Essential Identity.

Source is unknowable, undefinable, and inscrutable to the Human Mind, as all Truth ultimately is, yet nonetheless it is still something that can be sensed and ultimately Realized as the originating pool of innate, Life-giving Intelligence that flows into all Life forms.

It is not of any religion or dogma or any particular affiliation, it simply points to the underlying substrate of Aliveness that embodies and empowers all of Existence – the innate Intelligence that we can even observe within ourselves by bringing attention to our Breathing and other involuntary bodily functions that occur without our intentional involvement.

Source is beyond Space and Time as it is what enables Space and Time, making it both Infinite and Eternal.


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