~ Spaciousness

Essential Point:

You are the Pure Spaciousness in which all Objects of Space appear.


Your Essential Nature is one of pure Spaciousness. Modern science has finally caught up to the ancient mystics to confirm this higher intuition through the Quantum observation that you are in fact 99.9999% Spaciousness at the most infinitesimal, subatomic level. In other words, science has confirmed the ancient Truth of your essential Nature, which is of emptiness, or Nothingness.

Your Essential Nature of Nothingness is true because in your Essence you are no thing at all. You are not a noun. Your Essential Self is better captured as a verb, because you are Energy, which is inherently always moving and never at rest. This is the Life Force Energy that temporarily empowers your human Form and makes you “Alive.”  You can sense it ever so subtly through the Alive Stillness of your Inner-Body. What you are sensing is your Being. And in your Essence, you are Being.

Yet Being cannot be truly defined with concepts as Beingness is Realized through Transcendence of concepts as the infinite, Eternal Spaciousness itself in which all concepts Exist. The idea of us as Empty, Nothing Spaciousness is simply incomprehensible to the Human Mind because the Mind exists and is limited by the Sense-Perceived World.

We see a body in front of us and thus Believe that means we have to be some thing, yet we don’t Realize that Nothing is something. No-thing is some-thing. Thus, only through Transcendence of the Limited Conditioned Mind can you tap into the Beingness underlying the World to Know what’s actually Empowering the Whole Show.

Jesus often refers to “The Kingdom of Heaven” as what we must find, but what many Misinterpret is that this is not some outward destination only reachable after Death, rather an Inner-Realization accessible Here and Now.

This Inner-Realization is the fundamental shift in Consciousness that provides access to The Kingdom of Heaven, or Dimension of Spaciousness, that indwells within you, as you. This is the fundamental Realization of true Spiritual Awakening.


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