~ Spiritual Awakening

Essential Point:

The Fundamental shift in Consciousness through which you Transcend all illusions of Reality to fully Realize Self as Pure Consciousness.


The destructive process and journey in and through which you willingly shed the illusions of Reality to reveal its true Nature. The shedding of illusions, the Dissolvement of the Ego, the Liberation from the Mind, the rise from Unconsciousness into Consciousness, the Realization of the true self as the One Self, and the realization of the Timeless, Transcendent, Vertical Dimension, are all ways to describe the Essence of the Awakening-Journey, and it is a journey indeed.

You “wake up” from the Dream of Form, similar to a Lucid Dreamer who wakes up, or becomes Conscious, in the Dream. You are waking up, or becoming Conscious, in the Dream of the Universe.

As you essentially are the Universe, this means that you are the Universe waking up to Realize itself, which is the essence of Self-Realization. Put another way, you are disidentifying from knowing yourself exclusively as the content of the Universe to reidentify with that primordial, structural, underlying essence that enables all content in the Universe to Exist.

Awakening is then seen as a deepening of self into Self, for now you Realize that you are both the Form and the Formless, both the Manifested and the Unmanifested, both the Conditioned and the Unconditioned Mind. You are all that is.

Yet in your essence, on a foundational, absolute basis, the Awakening Realization shifts your sense of self from that of the embodied Form to that of Formless Consciousness, which embodies all Form. You Transcend the Mind and the World of polarities to Interpret your true Self as the indivisible Nonduality that resides in union with all, as all.

Thus, through Awakening, you come into the knowingness of who you truly are in your essence. Awakening is the ascension of Consciousness – from Unconsciousness into Consciousness and ultimately into Pure Consciousness, which is the most Awakened, or Enlightened state, and marks the end of the Reincarnation Journey that we call Life.

You can be lulled back into sleep, but once some true Awareness starts to creep in, like sunlight coming into a room, you tend to find it more challenging to stay asleep for long, nor do you want to. The magnetic pull of Awakening makes it painful to ignore once seen, for it cannot be unseen. Ignorance is no longer. The “Red Pill” has been taken and it cannot be thrown up.

It was not your choice to Awaken, but it is your ultimate destiny as a Human Being and it is a gift from God. To Resist this will cause great Suffering. If you find yourself already Awakening, you can’t turn back, but do not fear – lean into it and have Faith. Surrender to this Great Unknown and Accept what you cannot understand. It will increasingly bring wonderful Peace and Joy.

Awakening is the only process that allows us to be a Human Being, otherwise we are mindlessly doing human things, and subject to the intolerable and Insane dysfunction of our human conditionings. Of course, there would be no Enlightenment without illusion just as there would be no waking without sleeping. Illusion needs to be present in order to Awaken – it’s part of the Game.

While the majority of the World may still be asleep, Dreaming the Dream of Form, it is the destiny of the human species to evolve through Awakening from the Ego and into Truth; to Let go of the illusion of the False self to come into the True Self.

It is the most Mature state of the Human Being, and if we do not individually and then collectively go through this Awakening experience, we are bound to destroy ourselves through our blind enslavement to the Ego. There is little doubt that Spiritual Awakening is your savior and the savior of our species. But don’t take my word for it – come see for yourself.


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