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Essential Point:

Stress is the result of Resisting the Present moment, which is a function of being in your Head. To Dissolve the Stress Entity that is the Ego you must Transcend the Conditioned Mind through the Realization of the Unconditioned Mind – of your Being, or Soul.


Stress is the result of resisting this moment, which is the result of living in Time rather than The Now, which is ultimately Timeless. In this sense, the only Time Stress can Exist is in Time – the so called Past or Future. Stress is the inevitable result of Identification  with the Mind as it gives Life to the Ego, which by design exists in the constant state of emergency to ensure its survival.

Another way to understand the true Nature of Stress is that it occurs when you Attach yourself to the impermanent and ever-changing content of The Now instead of the permanent and never-changing structure of The Now through which all content is enabled and housed.

We Stress when we are attached to outcomes and try to control them instead of enjoying the Present moment for what it is and allowing it to be. The key to alleviating Stress is to make friends with this moment, in whatever Form it takes. Say yes to it and be with it – do not resist it.

Accept this moment as if you had chosen it and watch your Stress melt away as the mental chatter dissolves and you merge into the Presence of The Now. When you Accept the Present moment as if you had chosen it, there is little for the Mind to argue about, so it goes quiet and you can just be. In the Stillness of Being there is no resistance, which is the enabling element of Stress. As such, Stress dissolves away when you go beyond the Mind to be in the Present moment.

In contemporary times, Stress is a massive pandemic that is largely going untreated. Stress levels correlate with the size of the Ego, and given the current Ego Balloon we are witnessing at both the individual and collective levels, it is no surprise that Stress, burnout, mental illness, overdoses, and Suicide are ballooning to all time highs as well.

The only sustainable cure to chronic Stress is through a shift in Consciousness, which occurs through the Essential Awakening to our true Self and disidentification from the False self of the Ego that we make through the attachment to our Minds. As more people continue to Awaken, the Ego balloon will begin to diffuse and as such, so will Stress, and we will come into a period of great health and prosperity.

There is no guarantee that this happens, however, as it is just as possible that we destroy ourselves before the transformation of Consciousness can be widespread enough. Thus, the urgency of transformation has never been greater, and it is up to us to inspire Self-Realization. If we do not, Stress levels will continue to rise as the Ego continues to grow and we will see catastrophe of the likes that we have never witnessed before. At this point in our species, our outcome is binary – we will either collectively Awaken or we will destroy the World and ourselves with it, ensuring our extinction. It is only a matter of clock Time before we see which way the domino falls, but we do have the ability to influence its direction.


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