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Essential Point:

True Success is the measure of Peace, which is a function of your Level of Consciousness.


Success, as measured by the World, is a function of perceived Happiness, which is a secondary function of achieving conditional Life circumstances – i.e. what you Have, what you “Do“, what you look like, who you know, what your image, what your reputation is, among a myriad of other externally derived measures that reference your Life situation.

In Truth, Success is not measured by Worldly circumstance or perceived Happiness, for these measures are inherently impermanent, subject to constant flux, and cannot Exist without their polar opposite, which makes them silly measures of true Success. Under this purview, you end up chasing Success your entire Life and never achieving it because it is never enough and never could enough last forever, anyway. This understanding of Success is like a house built on sticks – it has no Real foundation that must collapse in Time, most often resulting in an ultimately frustrating and dissatisfying Life, even if you seemed “to have it all.”

True Success is beyond condition or polarity, which is why maximizing Peace, which is as a function of Consciousness, rather than Happiness, which is a function of Unconsciousness, is the essential measure of Success. If one has “everything” but is Suffering, how can that be considered Successful? If one has “nothing,” but has absolute unconditional Peace and does not Suffer at all, how could that not be considered Successful? How can he who has no things but Peace be less Successful than he who has things but no Peace when things do not last?

As Consciousness evolves, your definition and measure of Success evolves with it – from Having to Doing to Being. True Success is no longer determined by what you have or do, but more simply by aligning yourself with who you are in your Essence so that there is complete Energy coherence between Mind, Body, and Soul. In other words, you have Successfully balanced your Humaneness with your Beingness. And the way in which you reach this balance is through the Realization of Being, which then shines through the human into your Doing. At this level of Consciousness, what you have and do is Interpreted as secondary and only relatively important. You can have “nice” things and do “incredible” things that make you known all over the World, but you Realize that all of it is impermanent and insignificant compared to the level of Consciousness that flows into the Having and Doing.

Success is a function of Peace, which is a function of Consciousness, which is a function of Presence, which can be measured through your degree of Surrender to and Acceptance of The Now. As such, true Success is a direct function of living in The Now. Until one reaches an Awakened Consciousness, they will be limited by the Egoic Mind in Thinking that Success comes from the external World as something that can be achieved or required. Only through Awakening to your true self can you see the true meaning of Success as a Human Being from beyond the World, which is to say from beyond what you can get and do in the World. Ultimately, the Awakening-Journey, as an ascension of Consciousness, is the path that will yield the truest Success.


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