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Essential Point:

To Suffer is to Resist the Present moment, and it is experienced as any degree of psychological upset experienced, no matter how big or small. Suffering is evidence of the Egoic Energy trapped within oneself that has yet to be Transcended, Healed, or otherwise Released.

We Suffer through our Humanness and Transcend that Suffering though our Beingness. Paradoxically we need to Suffer to Realize that we do not need to Suffer.

The Fully Awakened state thus marks the end of Suffering.


Suffering is described as any psychological upset that Creates a discontent with the Present moment – with “what is.” Suffering can be as small as the slightest irritation as is often experienced when someone cuts you off in traffic to chronic depression, which may yield highly uncomfortable Thoughts of Suicidal ideation and or attempts.

It is important to distinguish Pain from Suffering. Pain is inevitable and a normal physiological Reaction that the Mind-Body coordinates to protect the biological organism from physical danger. For example, when you touch a hot stove top you immediately retract your hand from the pain experienced – this is Normal and Healthy behavior.

Suffering, on the other hand, is abnormal and ultimately is something within our control. It is possible to live your entire Life without Suffering, regardless of any external circumstance you may be facing. Spiritually speaking, Suffering is a dense Form of Energy that does not pass through you, that does not get processed, and instead gets trapped within you and weighs you down.

Often from traumatic events or experiences that you may face throughout Life, the Energetic imprint of these occurrences get trapped within you and they stay trapped until they are released. The Liberation of such trapped Energy is the primary function of Spiritual Awakening.

In the context of Awakening and Enlightenment, you will Suffer until you Realize that you need not Suffer. Said another way – you need Suffering to Realize you don’t need Suffering – this is one of the Essential paradoxes of Truth. This is also why Suffering tends to be your greatest spiritual teacher and serves as the transformational fuel to facilitate the shift in your Consciousness – from asleep to awake, from Unconscious to Conscious.

When you are Unconscious, hardship and Life challenges cause Suffering and continue to deepen your Suffering. However, the increase in Suffering also increases your Awakening potential as the Dream you live increasingly turns into a nightmare. Usually at the Darkest point of this nightmare, often referred to as “The Dark Night of the Soul,” when you cannot tolerate any more Suffering, you encounter an inflection point – commit Suicide or Awaken.

In those fragile moments, if the illusory weight of the Ego is not Realized, the Ego is not Transcended and it ends up crushing you so that you Feel you have no other option but to kill yourself – you weren’t able to Realize the Truth of Self in this Incarnation.

However, if the illusory weight of the Ego is Realized as illusion, that is to say, as a Creation of the Mind, the Ego can die and the process of rebirth occurs, which is the beginning of the Awakening of Consciousness. Through this pivotal inflection point of Realization, Presence begins to enter into your Life, which serves to purify your Perception and therefore increasingly transmute Suffering into Peace.

As Presence Power grows within you, the Unconscious and unnecessary existence of Suffering becomes more clear, which serves to further Dissolve it. Now, as hardship and Life challenges occur, they can be used as fuel to deepen your Consciousness instead of deepening your Suffering.

Suffering as a necessary aspect of the Awakening-Journey is Biblically known as “The Way of The Cross,” and as Buddha notoriously affirms – he “teaches Suffering and the end of Suffering.”


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