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Essential Point:

The Surrendered state is one of True Power, in which there is Complete Acceptance through Total Presence.


To Surrender is to Let go of the illusion of personal Control and to Accept “What is.” The Surrendered state is integral to Realizing the Enlightened state as it enables complete Nonresistance to Being in the Present moment, which is the Essence of Self-Realization.

In the un-awakened state the human cannot be in a state of Surrender as the Ego is in control and Believes it can only win through the Surrender of others. The Ego is always fighting for its survival and trying to control what is. In the Awakened state, one has Transcended the Ego and Accepts what is.

True Surrender thus becomes the Surrender of Ego, which is the release of Mind and Time to embrace the totality of The Now. Through Surrender to “what is,” one does not become passive or tolerant of abuse, but to the contrary, one has the ability to come into true Power to intentionally influence their Reality.

With the Mental Prison Dissolved, Surrender ushers us through the doorway of The Now to Higher Consciousness – and when a true shift in our inner World occurs, it must be reflected in our outer World as well, even if nothing else Changes in the outer World except the way in which we Perceive it.

The state of Surrender is often Realized when one can no longer tolerate the World and the weight of Non-Surrender collapses on them. It simply becomes too much to bear. At this point, Surrender is forced upon you, which pries open the door to the Vertical Dimension of The Now and through it Peace, Love, and total bliss can flow into Awareness.

There is no truly Enlightened Being that is not in a state of total Surrender, which paradoxically is to also be in a state of total Power, as Surrender of the Ego is also the Surrender of fear, which is the foundation of Stress. Without fear or Stress you are able to think, Feel, and act with greater clarity, decisiveness, and effectiveness. It transmutes you into a natural leader that is capable of tremendous Worldly responsibility and impact. In the Surrendered state, you have connected with the Power of the Divine, and there is No-thing more truly powerful than this.


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