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Essential Point:

Survival Mode is the dysfunctional State of Being that results from Believing you are Separate from the Whole, which gives Life to the Ego. It is the State of No-Being. Dissolving the Ego is the way out of Survival Mode, which becomes the journey of transmuting the Suffering of Stress into the Peace of Presence.


Survival Mode is the resultant State of Being when one Believes in a Separate sense of self and therefore operates from the Egoic Level of Consciousness. From the Level of the Ego, which is a low Level of Consciousness, Survival Mode is the only way you can function.

Life is Interpreted as a dog eat dog, eat what you kill, winners and losers World that you have to compete in every day to secure and accumulate resources for you and your family. Everything you give is a sacrifice and everything you take is a gain. There is not enough for sharing as the World is a place of scarcity. Thoughts, Feelings, and behaviors are driven by fear of Death and your only focus is on surviving.

Even should you become materially wealthy, are physically Healthy, and are removed from any imminent threat, your subconscious focus is still on surviving, as if you were under such threat, and so you act as if you are in a constant state of emergency.

Survival Mode is to be in a state of complete reactivity wherein one is completely Unconscious and lives totally on the surface, completely disconnected from the depths of their Essential Self. This State of Being, or rather this State of No-Being, is the un-awakened state of Consciousness most humans still reside in today.

While Survival Mode is a biological response evolutionarily designed to keep the human Alive, it was only meant to be activated for short periods of Time, not chronically.

Its chronically activated Nature is the primary dysfunction of the Egoic Mind structure, and it is resulting in unnatural levels of Stress that, due to the Mind-Body Connection, is resulting in unprecedented levels of illness on the Mental, Emotional, and Physical levels.

The extent to which we as a society are living in unnecessary Survival Mode is evidence of the collective Insanity that has arisen through the Egoic Identification and dysfunction.

Through Awakening, which is the process of Dissolving the Ego, we can rise out of the trenches of Survival Mode and eliminate Psychological Stress. In doing so, we will instead be able to reside within our more natural state of Creation Mode, which is empowered through Presence and Love.


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