~ The Human Body

Essential Point:

Your Human Body is the vehicle through which Consciousness is expressing itself during this current Incarnation. The Human Body is instructed by the Human Brain, which is instructed by the Human Mind, which is instructed by the Transcendent Universal Mind of Pure Consciousness itself.


It is most useful to view the Body in the context of the Outer-Body and the Inner-Body. The Outer-Body is nothing more than another type of Form, another seemingly random expression of the One Consciousness. It is an Incarnation of Consciousness just as a mineral, plant, or animal is. It is the vessel through which Consciousness can experience itself in this Incarnation, and the Human Body is one of the billions of Life forms that Consciousness has expressed itself as. There is nothing special about it in and of itself. And further, as a type of Form, the Outer-Body is subject to Change and inevitable decay. The Outer-Body will not last – it never has, never can, and never will. In Time it will Dissolve back into the Stardust from which it came.

The Inner-Body, on the other hand, has the Power to grant you access to the Unmanifested Dimension itself, which, through Inner-Body Awareness, is to connect you with your true Self, beyond the Outer-Body and it Sense-Perceptions. the Inner-Body is one of the few portals that allows us to do this. It is important to remember that your true Self is not either the outer Body or the Inner-Body, but what lies beyond both. The Inner-Body simply can connect you to what lies beyond – it is a doorway.

It is very common, especially in today’s times, to confuse your Essential Identity with your Body. And to Believe so is one way in which the illusion of a False, Mind-made self, more traditionally known as the Ego, comes into existence. If you are Attached to your Body it is likely a fundamental cause of the Suffering you experience throughout Life.

One of the primary Realizations you experience as you Awaken is that you are not your Body, but rather you are that which enables the Body to be. The Body is a vessel that is empowered into Life by what you truly are, and further, the Inner-Body is a portal that can be used to access this Essential Self.

When you begin to understand your Body’s Essential purpose, as a vehicle to access higher Consciousness, which is a way for Consciousness to experience itself through the World, you begin to wake up. This is Consciousness using its Human Form to become Conscious of itself as Consciousness. The Universe becoming aware of itself as the Universe. The Body becoming No-Body.


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