~ The Now

Essential Point:

As both the content and structure of the Present moment, The Now is ultimately all that exists and it represents the totality of what you are, embodying both the Manifested and Unmanifested Dimensions of your humanness and beingness.


Also known as The Present, or The Present Moment, The Now is the only thing that exists.

While The Now is the entirety of the sense-perceived content going on in the Present moment (otherwise known as the “Horizontal Dimension” and the home to our Humanness),The Now is also the underlying foundational structure, which enables and houses all content (otherwise known as the “Vertical Dimension” and the Home to our Beingness). Herein lies the essential meaning of “The Cross,” as the Now marks the simultaneous intersection and embodiment of these two Dimensions.

The essential function of The Now for the Human Being is to serve as a portal through which we can access the Transcendent Vertical Dimension of the one Ultimate, True Reality, to Realize our Essence as Pure Consciousness and to bring it into our daily Human lives as manifested on the Horizontal Dimension. In doing so, all Interpretation of Perception is purified of the Egoic Mind so that you are fully Conscious as you participate in the World. This is the Essence of Awakened-Doing.

In other words, you enter The Now to exit the Ego. And as the Ego is the Home of Suffering, The Now is the Home of Peace. Through Awakening, one Realizes the Power of The Now, as it is perceived as the only thing that really exists, and therefore the only thing that cannot be threatened. Most crucially, you come to Know The Now as the basis of your Truest Self, which is the Realization of Being and the Essence of Enlightenment.


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